A unique bookstore in city centre

The most beautiful Portuguese bookstore, probably one of the most beautiful in the world, can be found in our city, in the heart of the historic center.

On January 13, 1906, the Lello Bookstore building that we know today was inaugurated at 144 Rua das Carmelitas, in an atmosphere filled with important political figures, artistic figures, prominent bourgeoisie and merchants of the city, journalists, and great intellectuals of the time.

“In a country of illiterates, to erect such a beautiful temple to the divine cult of Emotion and Idea is a great act of benevolence, and one that, by its wide and fruitful results, will perdurably link the names of Lello & Irmão to national recognition.”

– Statement by Abel Botelho in the Livro d’Ouro, on January 13, 1906.


In 1869, Livraria Chardron is founded by Frenchman Ernesto Chardron.

In 1881, the publishing company of José Lello and his brother-in-law David Pereira opens.

In 1894, José Lello bought Livraria Chardron with his estate and catalog. Lello & Irmão was born, owned by José and António Lello.

In 1906, on January 13, 1906 the “Templo das Artes”, the new Lello bookshop building, designed by the Porto architect Xavier Esteves, was inaugurated.

For more information or if you wish to purchase a voucher for entry to the bookstore, visit the site: https://www.livrarialello.pt/

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